We believe in Hippocrates’ “Let Lifestyle be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Lifestyle.”  Both Melissa and Micah suffered from chronic diseases.   Melissa had gastric reflux and irritable bowel syndrome and Micah had gout and autoimmune arthritis.  Together, we made lifestyle shifts that began with modifying our diet, moving more, and stressing less. This relieved our chronic illnesses.  We began to embrace that “True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington” – Anonymous

 As a couple, we read many scientific articles and various plant based recipes. We performed a pantry makeover and then started to cook differently. We began to exercise more after long work hours. One step and one day at a time, our symptoms decreased and eventually stopped. Now, we have a renewed purpose and an uplifting approach towards health.  We believe that real healthcare should start with nutrition and healthy lifestyle as the foundation.  We believe that most chronic diseases can be prevented and potentially improved or even reversed with proper lifestyle modifications.  Together, we hope that Dr. Lifestyle can inspire you to lead a healthier life. We hope to share the lessons from our journey and teach you valuable evidence based strategies for a healthier and happier YOU. 

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