Dr. Lifestyle Clinic Is Coming

Direct Primary Care and Direct Rheumatology




Who We Are

We are a physician couple that is dedicated to promoting health and wellness using nutrition and lifestyle modifications as the foundation.

Dr. Melissa Mondala is double boarded in family medicine and lifestyle medicine. She currently sits on the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Board of Directors.  She prioritizes lifestyle modifications to optimize health. Her passion is educating and empowering healthy living and cooking.

Dr. Micah Yu is double board in internal medicine and lifestyle medicine. He is currently completing his rheumatology training in Summer 2020. He suffered from autoimmune disease himself — spondyloarthritis, gout and pseudogout.  With lifestyle transformation, he has been able to significantly improve his diseases.
















I can say that Dr. Melissa Mondala was my answered prayer. Even though my time as a patient with her was short it was very meaningful. She really took her time to listen and encourage me to continue with small health changes and goal setting. That is huge, she is one of the few doctors I have met that was willing to become a partner in my health journey so much that lifestyle medicine became a passion and a source of inspiration to take my health to the next level..

Dr. Mondala is the most caring, engaging and very knowledgeable physician in her field making my journey engaging and easier to reach my goals. Her bedside manners are beyond what the Hippocratic Oath entails which made me feel how much she cares for her patients. If all of the physicians would stand to the way she practices medicine, perhaps we would have a community more in tune of the importance to seek and follow a different life style.

Dr. Mondala created a safe environment for me to share and get validation on my health challenges and respectfully listened to my frustrations. I finally was able to talk to a doctor and discuss my goals and Dr. MM was able to put a name to what I was doing thus far. Dr. MM ordered the essential lab test to see my progress and again for the first time a doctor took her time to review my results and discuss the highlights and also the opportunities for improvement. After that visit, I knew Dr. MM was more than a doctor, she is person who genuinely cares for her patient’s wellbeing and wants to be a supporter in the possibility to reverse chronic illnesses for good.